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Fire Restoration in New Jersey

Fire damage residential home

The certified restoration technicians at Timeless Restoration are skilled in fire restoration, water removal and extraction, and mold remediation, so if any disaster devastates your New Jersey home, our team will be ready to assist you in the restoration process.

New Jersey homeowners must be prepared for not only fire damage but also smoke and water damage when a fire occurs in their homes as a result of a lightning strike, electrical hazard, furnace malfunction, or kitchen fire. During the fire restoration process, your restoration specialists will most likely have to deodorize the home, remove soot from horizontal surfaces, perform fire damage repairs, and address water damage caused by the extinguishing of the fire.

Smoke Damage

Fire damage often coincides with smoke damage, and you may think eliminating the smoke odor from your home is impossible if you don't have the help of a trusted restoration company. At Timeless Restoration, our fire restoration specialists have received extensive training in removing smoke odors from homes damaged by fire.

Before your restoration experts arrive, make sure that you don't touch any woodwork, walls, or upholstery in the affected area because oils from your hands could react with the soot on horizontal surfaces, causing further damage. Soot consists of fine, black carbon particles that form as a result of the incomplete combustion of fuel, and smoke contains the gaseous, liquid, and solid products of combustion that are released into the air. You should also refrain from cleaning any of the surfaces or personal belongings in your home because improper cleanup could damage these items permanently.


During the fire restoration process, the qualified team at Timeless Restoration will use a variety of deodorizing methods until smoke odors are eliminated from homes. These methods include using liquid and granular odor counteractants that prohibit additional odor evaporation.

Water Cleanup

Many New Jersey homeowners aren't aware that water damage can occur as a result of fires in their homes. Extinguishers and hoses can quash house fires effectively, but they can also produce extensive water damage. Mild flooding can result from the extinguishing of a house fire, and this water damage must be addressed quickly by fire restoration specialists.

Water cleanup may also be necessary if metal plumbing melted during the fire, causing leaks and ruptures in plumbing fixtures and pipes. Additionally, fires that occur during lightning storms may burn through building materials in your home, allowing rain to pour inside.

Smoke Odor

Spraying perfumed aerosols and burning scented candles can cover up the scent of smoke odor for only so long. In order to remove the smoke odor completely, the surfaces and personal belongings affected by fire and smoke damage must be removed or cleaned thoroughly. Instead of attempting to remove a smoke odor from your home by yourself, contact the experienced fire restoration technicians at Timeless Restoration for effective smoke odor removal and fire damage repairs.

If you're looking for a New Jersey fire damage restoration contractor or general contractor, then please call us at 973-377-2270 or complete our online request form.