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Mold Remediation in New Jersey

Mold removal

More than 100,000 species of mold inhabit the Earth, and while many of these species are harmless, some mold types can inflict various negative health effects on New Jersey homeowners and their households. Mold often begins to cohabitate with homeowners when excess moisture or water damage exists in homes, and mold remediation and water removal and extraction services from an experienced restoration company are often required for effective water damage repairs and mold removal.

Mold Removal

Removing mold from your home can be straightforward or difficult, depending on the extent of the contamination. The first step to ridding your New Jersey home of mold is to contact a restoration company like Timeless Restoration for mold remediation services. Our restoration specialists will assess the mold contamination, document their findings, contain the mold growth, remove the mold with specialized equipment, and clean the affected areas and your personal belongings.

Mildew Removal

Many New Jersey homeowners struggle with keeping mildew out of damp areas in their homes, such as bathrooms and kitchens. You may find mildew on your shower curtain or damp dish cloths. Like mold, mildew is a fungus that many homeowners are familiar with because these fungi grow in the same environments. Additionally, mildew is associated with health complications.

Mildew has flat growth, and it can be removed easily from surfaces. Mildew is most often found on damp surfaces, organic materials, paper, and fabrics, and it can be described as "downy" or "powdery." Downy mildew usually grows on fruit and other produce, and powdery mildew often grows on flowering plants. Mildew is known to cause headaches, sore throats, respiratory problems, and coughing. If a large amount of mildew is present in your New Jersey home, reach out to the mold remediation experts at Timeless Restoration for mildew removal services.

Mold Testing

Mold testing is a step in the mold remediation process that reveals the severity of contamination. The goal of mold testing is to determine if the mold growth in your home is harmless or dangerous to your household's health.

Some mold species cause minor health complications such as headaches, sore throats, watery eyes, and nose bleeds, and other mold species are associated with lung infections, severe allergic reactions, respiratory problems, weakened immune systems, liver infections, and skin infections. To determine which mold species is inhabiting your New Jersey home, schedule mold testing services with a trusted restoration company like Timeless Restoration.

Mold Inspection

Although you may be able to detect mold in your New Jersey home, you probably don't have the expertise required to identify the mold species and remove it effectively. Mold inspections should be performed by professional mold remediation technicians, and hiring a restoration company like Timeless Restoration increases your chance of eliminating mold in your home for good.

During mold inspections, our restoration specialists detect water damage and sources of moisture, perform the appropriate repairs, assess the indoor air quality of your home, and begin the mold testing process to determine which mold types are present.

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