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Smoke Odor Removal and Deodorization After a Fire

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Deodorizing your Ocean County home after fire and smoke damage is vital because the soot and smoke odor can damage your property, personal belongings, and health. Even a fire isolated in one room can cause smoke damage to the rest of your home, so reach out to the fire restoration experts at Timeless Restoration if you need the assistance of a reputable restoration company.

Steps to Remove Smoke Odors Effectively

  • Block Odors Chemically - Your restoration experts may spray a chemical solution that restricts molecules that carry odors. These solutions counteract the smoke odor and prevent further odor evaporation.
  • Remove Damaged Items - Restoration technicians will reduce the smoke odor by removing and disposing of damaged items, such as wallpaper, carpet, and insulation. Items that can be deodorized outside of the affected area, such as clothing, linens, and furniture, will also be removed.
  • Eliminate Soot - Soot consists of black particles that are left behind after a fire, and it also contains chemicals and acids that can harm fabrics. Soot holds a smoke odor, so your restoration company will probably use a specialized vacuum to eliminate the soot residue from carpet, drapery, upholstery, and other fabric.
  • Deodorize Textiles - The smoke odor can be removed from textiles using a granular odor counteractant, which works similarly to the spray application of a liquid odor counteractant. Granular odor counteractant shouldn't be applied to plastic, varnished, or painted surfaces because adverse reactions may occur. After both liquid and granular odor counteractants are applied, the smoke odor should diminish significantly.
  • Perform Thermal Fogging - Your restoration company can use a procedure called "thermal fogging" to deodorize the affected areas further. This process uses pressurized force to distribute deodorant droplets, and it mimics the heat and penetration characteristics of a fire. Before thermal fogging can begin, the affected area must be evacuated, and the fire department and local authorities should be notified.

Reach Out to Our Fire Restoration Specialists

Professional fire restoration and odor removal services may be necessary if your home experiences fire damage. Contact Timeless Restoration, an experienced restoration company, if you require assistance with fire restoration so that your Ocean County home recovers completely from fire damage.

If you're looking for a New Jersey restoration contractor or general contractor, then please call us at 973-377-2270 or complete our online request form.