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The Mold Remediation Process

Mold removal

Excess moisture and water damage create the optimal environment for mold growth, so if your home in Somerset County has experienced water damage, scheduling mold remediation services and water damage repairs with a licensed restoration company is advised.

Mold Remediation Step by Step

  • Moisture Identification - Because mold thrives in a moist environment, your restoration company must first detect areas in your home with excess moisture. Mold growth may be visible or obscured, so a professional should perform an inspection of your home to determine all areas of contamination.
  • Assessment of Contamination - Your restoration technician will document the mold contamination in your home by taking notes, photos, and videos. This information will be used to form a remediation plan, detailing what the remediation process will include and when it will begin.
  • Remediation & Cleanup - After the remediation plan is established, your restoration company can get to work on mold remediation and cleanup. The remediation process will involve eliminating excess moisture, performing water damage repairs, isolating the contaminated area, removing exposed and damaged porous materials, decontaminating non-porous materials, cleaning the affected area with special solutions or HEPA vacuums, and drying the affected area with fans and dehumidifiers. If additional mold is discovered during the cleanup, the remediation plan should be updated. At the end of the remediation process, your restoration technician will ensure that the moisture problem is resolved, visible mold and odors are eliminated, health conditions are safe, and mold testing has proven the removal of contamination to be successful.

Contact Our Mold Remediation Professionals for Assistance

If your home has experienced water damage recently and you've noticed mold growth in your Somerset County home, reach out to a trusted restoration company like Timeless Restoration for mold remediation services from skilled restoration technicians.

If you're looking for a New Jersey restoration contractor or general contractor, then please call us at 973-377-2270 or complete our online request form.