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Water Removal & Extraction In New Jersey

Water damage

Excess moisture and ponding water can inflict damage to any part of your New Jersey home, including the attic, roof, foundation, ceilings, walls, and floors. Some key steps to take once you've discovered water damage are drying out your home, removing wet porous materials, and requesting water damage repairs, water removal services, and a mold inspection from a trusted restoration company like Timeless Restoration.

If you notice signs of water damage such as pooling water, a musty odor, warped hardwood flooring, or discolored wallpaper in your New Jersey home, reach out to the restoration specialists at Timeless Restoration for professional water removal services.

Water Damage Repairs

When your house experiences water damage, everything in your home is at risk, including the roofing, flooring, ceilings, furnishings, and personal items. Additionally, the indoor air quality and health conditions in your home are impacted negatively by excess moisture.

Water damage can result from roof leaks, broken pipes, or air conditioner condensation. When you spot excess moisture, contact water removal specialists at Timeless Restoration so that the moisture problem in your New Jersey home can be addressed quickly. If you don't know where the moisture is coming from, our water and fire restoration company can discover the root of the problem.

Water Extraction

Water extraction services may be necessary if flooding has affected your New Jersey home, resulting in standing water. Professional water extraction removes water effectively and reduces the drying time to limit secondary water damage and mold growth. Heavy-duty pumps and vacuums are used to extract large amounts of water from homes. Other water removal equipment includes moisture detectors, hygrometers, and infrared cameras.

Flood Damage Repairs

Flooding occurs as a result of many natural disasters, including rainstorms and blizzards, and it can also impact your home after a plumbing failure or leak. You will need help recovering from flooding and ponding water in your New Jersey home, and contacting a restoration company like Timeless Restoration for water removal and extraction services is the best way to restore your house.

Storm Damage Restoration

Extreme weather, such as heavy rain and strong winds, can damage your home so severely that you require water removal and extraction services. For instance, wind can loosen shingles on your roof, and precipitation such as rain and snow can penetrate the roofing, resulting in swollen woodwork and sagging ceilings.

After a destructive storm, our team of restoration experts can inspect all areas of your home for water damage so that repairs can be done swiftly and effectively. Timeless Restoration has all of the equipment needed to remove water and moisture effectively so that further damage and mold growth is prevented.

If you're looking for a New Jersey water removal & extraction restoration contractor or general contractor, then please call us at 973-377-2270 or complete our online request form.