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Premier Cliffside Park Home and Business Restoration Services

New framing

If you have recently suffered from a fire or a flood, contact Timeless Restoration. We are a full service home and office structural repair company, providing Cliffside Park emergency fire and water damage restoration. We perform a wide array of services that include water and flood damage, fire damage, old building restoration, drying & dehumidification, and even new construction and room additions. We have over 5 decades of direct industry experience. This gives us the expertise and the knowledge to handle any situation no matter how severe the damage. Call us today if you need fast service. We offer 24/7 emergency service around the clock.

New Construction & Room Additions

One of the most important financial investments you will ever make is your home. So whether you're building for the first time or adding a room or two to your existing property, it's important to get it right the first time. In addition to disaster repair, our Cliffside remodeling professionals also build new homes and provide full contracting services for building expansion. We can take your existing floor plans and match the new addition to your existing home or office design for a smooth streamlined look every time. We can expand all systems such as your plumbing, wiring, and HVAC system as well as provide complete exterior and interior construction services for a comprehensive package.

Mold & Mildew Removal & Remediation

Every year, New Jersey homes are affected by mold and mildew infestation. Both can attack your home and affect the wood, drywall, and other areas before you even know it's there. The number one cause of mold and mildew is high levels of humidity and moisture. It doesn't take much for either to gain a foothold. When this happens it grows quickly and can compromise the safety of your building's structure. We provide mold and mildew solutions that are long-lasting, by removing the moisture and humidity and giving you recommendations on how you can protect your home in the long run. You can rely on our services to completely remove all traces of mildew and mold from your home or business.

Professional Drying & Dehumidification

Removing moisture from your home requires more than extracting the existing water. It's a process of completely removing all moisture and humidity from the walls, flooring, wiring, framework, and every other area that is affected from flooding or water damage. The key is to do so as quickly as possible before wood rot and mold has set in. We provide dehumidification and drying services that restores a completely dry environment back to your home or office interior. When the job is done your home's framework is completely dry and is treated for strengthening of the structure.

Water Removal & Extraction

At Timeless Removal we go above and beyond in making sure that all the water and moisture in your home are completely removed. When we arrive at the scene we have all the equipment necessary to do the job at that precise moment. Our Cliffside Park emergency fire and water damage restoration specialists work quickly to remove any water and residue in order to minimize the damage to your home. We can remove water from interior spaces or your entire yard. Water removal can be a dangerous task, so it's important to hire experienced professionals who have done it time and again. No matter how severe the damage or how high the water levels, we can completely extract all water from your residential or commercial property.

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